I am looking for an Asian movie with an unknown title ... He

Czyli indyjski Hollywood:) Wszystko o filmach z Bollywood. Bollywood jest od wielu lat już popularny w Polsce, głównie dzięki oprawie artystycznej w swoich filmach.

I am looking for an Asian movie with an unknown title ... He

Postprzez sakurasanta86 » 6 lip 2018, o 05:41

Hello everyone, very warmly.
My name is Mariusz and for a long time I am looking for a movie from the late 80's.
It was the first movie I saw from the Asian sensational martial arts category.
It was the beginning of the 90s (first video, first cassettes and first contact with films often shot in Hong Kong).

Special characters of the film:
On the tape and in the translation the name "terror days" was written - but nowhere on the Internet I can find such a reference.
The name of the movie may have been mis-translated.

Three major actors: Asian-terrorist, Asian-policeman, blonde policewoman.
At the beginning of the film, the Asian-terrorist breaks into a block of flats, binds a bunch of children with their gasoline and fires.
In the wake of it follows an Asian policeman who in the last scene is chasing a terrorist on the runway. The end of the film takes place on the plane, in the air, and the end is the fall of the sea-policeman to the sea.

It is difficult to sketch the taste and essence of this film, but it resembles the film "Iron angels".

If someone recognized this movie or helped me find the right track, I would be very grateful.

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